STEM and Fun
All in One!

Innovative science programs designed to complement the school curriculum and bring scientific concepts to life. Looking for a nearby location? Explore!

Why Teachers Love our

Designed for a wide range of kids from ages 5-12.

Explore different topics, from the study of dinosaurs, to understanding ecosytems and coding. (themes may vary by location).

Trained instructors handle every detail from A-Z.

Meet State level and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Complimentary teacher resource package provided to maximize the learning experience.

30 minutes to 1 hour options.

The Mad Science Effect

We went from 68 percent of our students meeting the standard in science to 91 percent meeting the standard (explaining the impact of Mad Science workshops on his students' test scores).

Robert Torres Principal, Woodridge Elementary Mad Science of Dallas & Fort Worth

Today we had Mr. C come to So Le Hi Kid Care to do a workshop on Kitchen Chemistry. The workshop was fabulous. He did a great job!! The time flew by very quickly and he kept all 25 children (ages 6-12) engaged for the entire time and that is not an easy task! I can’t say enough about his presentation and the way he reacted to the children. I would highly recommend that everyone should have this workshop visit them. Thank you again!

Linda L. Kolumber Director, Whitehall, PAC Mad Science of Lehigh Valley

Top 3 Experiments
Kids Do at a Workshop

Clean up a simulated oil spill.

Challenge their friends in a race through a circuit maze!

Make a cast of a T-Rex tooth!