Avoid the summer slide!

Make sure that science is on the activity list this summer! You don't have to choose education over fun, because our camp programs offer both! We take a hands-on approach, and make sure that kids are involved in the learning process, and are wowed at the same time. Looking for a nearby location?

Why Parents and Kids
Love our camps

Perfect for kids ages 3 to 12.

A unique approach, with over 30 years of experience in science enrichment.

Programs cover many different subjects from biology to chemistry, and physics.

Well-trained instructors who are equipped with the necessary science knowledge and skills to captivate kids.

Kids learn new topics and participate in different activities every day.

Science activities are mixed with physical activities to keep children moving!

Did You Know That?

All Mad Science after-school programs come with take home toys that reinforces the educational concepts taught each class! 

Happy Parents

My son participated in a true "camp" with horses, swimming, fishing and hiking and he was MORE excited about this camp than anything else he's done all summer. Great job on your end! 

Nicole Austin, TX Mad Science of Austin & St-Antonio

My daughter LOVED the Little Green Thumbs camp! Everyday she comes home and tells me all about the fun and interesting things she learned. It was very hands-on and kept her little brain interested. She will have lasting memories from her experience and we can't wait to attend another camp! Cosmic Caleb and Radio Rachel are OUTSTANDING! 

Patricia Las Vegas NV Mad Science of Las Vegas

My 6-year old son took "Crime Scene and Chemistry" last summer and he loved it. He was looking forward to going to the camp everyday and enjoyed making various colorful, fun items, which taught him lots of important things such as the structure of DNA and cellular structure. It was indeed fun and educational experience. Teachers were very nice and helpful. He wants to go to Mad Science camp again next summer. 

Yuichiro Bethesda, MD Mad Science of Washington

3 cool things
kids can learn in our Summer Camps

Crime scene detection and forensic science

Food science and how to make their own ice cream

Bridges, structures and engineering